We are experienced in serving our clients, supplying electrical materials whether the project is designed based on American standard NEC, NEMA, UL, the British standard IEC, BS or other internationals standards.

Special and Light Current Cables

UIE Specialized cables is a wholesale and the pioneer supplier of all types of special and light current cables according to the customers’ demands and requirements based on the projects technical specifications. we provide the following cables:

Fire Alarm System Cables

  • Power-Limited Fire Protective Signaling Circuit Cables
  • Solid Bare Copper conductors, twisted unshielded and shielded Cables
  • Flame Retardant 105c
  • UL 1424
  • National Electric Code NEC Article 760, Type FPLR

Fire Resistant System Cables

Fire Resistant Cables offer excellent solution to fulfill the safety requirements of electrical installation in public environment, used as smoke detection, alarm system, and installation cables in crowded buildings, hospitals, hotels, underground railways and for Instrumentation, communication and signaling cables in Industrial complexes, offshore platforms and petrochemical plants. Our Cables contain Low smoke and Zero Halogen materials and achieve complete toxicity benefits for safety evacuation during fire , this why they are called “ Fire Survival Cables “.

  • Fire Resistant Cables, resistance to fire for 3 hours at 750c as per IEC 60-331
  • Fire Resistant Cables, resistance to fire for 3 hours at 950c as per BS6387 – Category C
  • Fire Resistant Cables, resistance to fire with water as per BS6387 – Category W
  • Fire Resistant Cables, resistance to fire with mechanical shock as per BS6387 – Category Z
  • Low smoke as per IEC 1034 and Halogen free as per IEC 60754 – LSZH
  • Flame Retardant to IEC332-1, IEC332-3 Cat. A, B & C
  • Fire Resistant Cables as per BS5308/2
  • Twisted Shielded and Unshielded Fire Resistant Cables

Building Management System Cables - BMS Cables

Building Management Systems consist of intelligent controllers which are networked together to provide comprehensive control for heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other building services.

  • Instrumentation and process control , copper conductor , stranded, flame retardant PVC cables
  • Multi-conductor twisted unshielded and shielded cables
  • Data cables Cat 6 , Cat6A for RS-485, RS-232 and RS-422 applications
  • Control panel , sensor, HVAC and Mod Bus cables

Data System Cables

  • UTP CAT5E , CAT6 and FTP CAT5E , CAT6 Cables
  • LSZH CAT 5E , CAT6 and CAT6A Cables
  • RS-232 and RS-485 Cables

Access Control System Cables

  • PVC , shielded and unshielded cables
  • Card reader cables, Door contact cables, Lock power cables

CCTV System Cables

  • Analogue Camera Cables, Coaxial Cables RG6/U, RG11/U, RG58/U, RG59/U and RG213/U
  • Digital Camera IP CCTV System cables, UTP, FTP Cat6, Cat6A, Cat5E and fiber optic cables
  • Shielded and Un Shielded control cables

Audio Visual System Cables

  • Coaxial Cables
  • Control cables

Clock System Cables

  • Shielded and Un Shielded cables

Sound System Cables

  • shielded and unshielded Cables

Instrumentation Cables

  • PVC and XLPE shielded and unshielded Cables
  • Multi conductor and Multi pairs Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

  • Single mode Fiber Optic cable
  • Multimode Fiber Optic cable

Silicon Rubber Cables

  • Shielded and Un Shielded cables

We also provide any types of cables that are manufactured upon request and supplied based on the customers’ requirements and projects specifications


We provide high quality products of US origin, the quality leader in the conduits and fittings industry, manufactured in accordance with the following specifications:

  • ANSI Specification C80.1, C80.3 , C80.6
  • National Electric Code NEC 344,342
  • CalTrans Specification 86-2.05A
  • ASTM A239
  • Canadian Standards Association CSA C22.2 No. 83.1, No. 45.1.
  • Former Federal Specification WWC-581-E
  • Underwriter's Laboratories listed – UL-6
  • Underwriter's Laboratories listed – UL-797
  • Underwriter's Laboratories listed – UL-1242


Western Tube EMT is made from strip steel, high frequency (ERW) welded. A continuous hot galvanizing process is employed to coat the exterior surfaces evenly and smoothly. A special transparent secondary coating provides further protection against corrosion, for open, concealed and concrete slab installations. EMT Conduits are:

  • Compatible with all types of building materials
  • Provides a lifetime of safe electrical installations
  • Low in cost - strong, durable
Western Tube EMT conduits are available in sizes from ½” up to 4”


Western Tube IMC is produced by a continuous weld (ERW) process using hot galvanizing to zinc-coat the exterior surfaces evenly and smoothly. A secondary transparent organic coating provides further protection against corrosion. Manufactured for use in place of galvanized rigid conduit.

  • Compatible with all types of building materials
  • Provides a lifetime of safe electrical installations
  • Low in cost - strong, durable
Western Tube IMC conduits are available in sizes from ½” up to 4”


Western Tube Rigid conduit is manufactured as heavy gage tubing which is galvanized inside and out. Western Tube RIGID is precision-rolled, producing a clean homogeneous weld structure and a smooth, burr-free interior surface. Will not split or crack at the weld. Used for exposed or concealed installations. Quality controlled each step of the way. Regular tests for weld strength, plating thickness, threadability, all dimensions, and uniform smoothness of the interior and exterior coatings. Simultaneous threading of both ends insure straight runs and provide you with RIGID of the highest quality. Easy to bend, cut and thread on the job, yet is strong enough to withstand mechanical abuse.Western Tube RIGID provides superior mechanical protection for the conductors and can be installed indoor and outdoor, in dry or wet locations as allowed by the National Electrical Code, including Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations per NEC article 344.
Western Tube RGS conduits are available in sizes from ½” up to 6”

Madison Fittings

We provide MADISON fittings that are manufactured in accordance with Underwriter's Laboratories listed – UL, and Former Federal Specification WWC-581-E. We provide a wide range of fittings to cover all the applications and projects needs.

  • Couplings
  • Bushings
  • Three Piece Coup-Rig-Steel
  • Set Screw T Body
  • PVC Junction Boxes
  • “ S ” Hooks
  • LockNuts
  • LL Body W/ Cover And Gasket
  • Beam Clamp
  • Connectors
  • Hangers With Bolts
  • Pipe Clamps
  • LQD Tight Connectors 90
  • Nail Strap Cast Steel
  • Set Screw Coupling
  • Conduit Cover
  • Compression Couplings
  • INS Grounding Bushing Malls
  • One Hole Steel Strap
  • Sealing Compounds
  • 2-Hole Steel Straps
  • Nipple-Mall
  • LB Body-Mall

Raco Boxes

We provide conduits and cables steel boxes, a US origin, RACO steel boxes and covers that generally carry the following compliance ratings

  • UL Listed – Standard 514-A, file E195978 (“QCIT” Category)
  • Boxes are listed for their Electrical Applications (electrical codes), UL Green Book
  • Boxes are listed for mechanical properties, including the Two-Hour Fire Rating, (building codes) UL Orange Book
  • CSA Certified – C22.2 #18, CSA File LR-1082
  • U.S. Federal Specification and Standards W-J-800
  • Federal Manufacturer’s

RACO steel boxes are available in square, octagon and round boxes and covers, they are used for several applications

  • Boxes at Lighting Fixture Outlets to support light fixtures
  • Floor Boxes for receptacles located in the floor
  • Boxes at Fan Outlets to support ceiling fans