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"UIE specialized cables is a distributor and agent for special and light current cables since 1996, business partner with several multinational manufacturers to meet all the customers’ needs and cables requirements."

Cables Business Partners

Belden provides enabling technologies for the physical communications infrastructure within and between buildings. Products include Structured Cabling Systems comprised of metallic and fiber optic cable, connectivity components, wiring racks, panels, interconnecting hardware and cable management solutions with very high performance cables for the light current systems such as the following:

• Fire Alarm System Cables.

• Fire Resistance cables.

• MATV & CCTV Cables.

• BMS & Access Control Cables (LSZH & PVC).

• Public Address System Cables.

• Instrumentation & Industrial cables.

Belden CDT is one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high speed electronic cables and focuses on products data networking markets, including connectivity.

Belden has manufacturing capabilities throughout North America and Europe and a market presence in nearly every region of the world.

For more information kindly visit Belden On www.Belden.com

CAVICEL had started our activity in the field of electrical cables production in the 50s.

CAVICEL perceived the need of satisfying the market requirements with offers aimed at meeting single needs with high quality products. Time after time this activity consolidated and developed and in 1975 Cavicel, incorporating the previous activity, was founded.

Technology, attention towards the customer’s requirements and Quality culture were strengthened. Nowadays CAVICEL is present with its products in over 50 countries and is well known thanks to its quality and continuous and more and more advanced solution research.

CAVICEL is located in Pioltello- Italy, in the outskirts of Milan. In 2006 the new facility has been built and all the activities have been transferred there.

The new head office reflects the main concepts of CAVICEL attention to interpersonal relationships, attention towards quality and research of innovative and technological advanced solutions.

CAVICEL Product Range:

• 1. Fire resistance cables with very high quality & performance approved by LPCB.

• 2. Data Cables Like CAT6, CAT5 & CAT6A with Fire resistance & LS0H Jacket.

• 3. Instrumentation & Control Cables for all industrial application.

• 4. Optical Fiber Optic Cables.

For more information kindly visit CAVICEL On www.Cavicel.com

Ramcro is an Italian Company manufacturing special cables, preferred in over 40 Countries and 250 iconic projects. This is your best guarantee. Our goal is assuring our Client best quality and added value.

Ramcro promote Higher Quality and Customer Service Co-operation with the Customer in R&D with very high performances of light current & special cables approved by UL & LPCB.

Ramcro Product Range:

• 1. Fire Alarm System Cables.

• 2. Fire Resistance cables.

• 3. MATV & CCTV Cables.

• 4. BMS & Access Control Cables (LSZH & PVC).

• 5. Public Address System Cables.

• 6. Instrumentation & Industrial cables.

• 7. Fiber Optic Cables.

For more information kindly visit Ramcro On www.Ramcro.com

Paige is a US manufacturer of wires and cables as well as connectors accessories since 1958, all the products are made in USA. The manufacturing capability of Paige Electric covers a broad spectrum to meet your needs.

Paige provides custom cutting, stripping, termination and connectorization so the cable is ready for your application.

Paige produces battery cables for the heavy construction market and multi-conductor cable assemblies for the roughest environments.

Paige also have a line of Paige - designed equipment grounding products.

Paige products are manufactured and tested to major national and international Codes and Standards IBSI, CCC, CE, CSA, CSFM, ETL, HAR, IEC, IEEE, MSHA, NEC, NEMA, RoHS/WEEE, SAE, UL, VDE

Paige is approved by major US military and Federal agencies and ITAR Compliant.


• ISO Certified.

• Six Sigma Compliant.

• OSHA Acceptable.

Paige Product Range:

• 1. Fire Alarm System Cables.

• 2. MATV & CCTV Cables.

• 3. BMS & Access Control Cables (LSZH & PVC).

• 4. Public Address System Cables.

• 5. Instrumentation & Industrial cables.

• 6. Fiber Optic Cables.

For more information kindly visit Paige On www.Piageelectric.com

MESC (Middle East Specialized Cables)

Middle East Specialized Cables Co. (MESC) was founded in Riyadh – KSA in 1993 as the leading manufacturer of industrial, Instrumentation and process control cables in the Middle East.

All cable types are manufactured to UL, IEC, BS and other international standards.

All cables are type-tested and certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 by third-party testing institutions.

For more information kindly visit MESC On www.mesccables.com

"UIE has added Conduits and Fittings to its line card to meet the Customers needs and projects requirements."

Conduits and Fittings Business Partner


WESTERN TUBE and CONDUITS is a US manufacturer, American origin, the most successful steel tubing supplier and the first choice of customers in the markets. Focusing on Customer Satisfaction and becoming the Quality Leader in the conduits industry.

Western Tube and Conduits are designed and manufactured according to UL standard.

For more information kindly visit WESTERN TUBE and CONDUITS On www.westerntube.com

Fittings Business Partner


Madison Electric is a US manufacturer, committed to provide the highest quality fittings to customers in construction related trades.

Madison Electric Over the years, has led the industry with field-tested and field developed products.

Madison Fittings are designed and manufactured according to UL standard.

For more information kindly visit MADISON ELECTRIC On www.madisonelectric.com

RACO Steel Boxs

Raco Steel Boxes is the leading US manufacturer of electrical junction boxes and covers, comprehensive fittings solutions for commercial, industrial and residential application.

Raco Steel Boxes are designed and compliant to UL standard.

For more information kindly visit Raco Steel Boxes On Raco